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Rawsome Creations More than a NUT MILK BAG is perfect for for juicing, sprouting & making nut milks.

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How to Use the
More than a NUT MILK BAG

The More than a NUT MILK BAG is a reusable 10 x 12 inch Nut Milk/Juicing/Sprout Bag hand-made with high-quality fine mesh nylon.

Using an high-speed blender (Vitamix or similar), blend nuts, seeds, veggies or fruit to a fine purée. Place the mixture in the bag and gently press from the bottom allowing the liquid to fall into a large bowl or pitcher. Go easy on the squeezing so you don't tear the bag. The juice is ready to drink, blend into other recipes, or use as a decoration for decadent desserts.

Keep the pulp from nut or seed milks for cookies, pie crust, bread or cakes. The veggie pulp can be put into crackers, fruit pulp can be blended into your favorite smoothie and don't forget you can also make cheese by allowing the cheese mixture (after blending) to ferment in the bag. Hang it over a sink or bowl to catch the unwanted water (whey).

So many uses, so little time!

How to clean:

Empty nut, veggie or fruit pulp
into another bag or container and
wash the bag completely under
running warm water. Hang to air dry.
For stubborn stains, soak the bag
in GSE (grapefruit seed extract)
and water.

  • Nut and seed milk -- Soak nuts or seeds desired time, blend with water. To strain pulp from liquid, pour mixture into the bag and put light pressure on the bag from the bottom to squeeze the milk out. Pulp can be frozen to save for other recipes such as cookies, pie crust, breads, cakes or biscotti.
    almond Rawsome Recipe: Almond Milk (see video below)
  • Fruit Sauce -- Blend fruit and strain through bag following the above directions. You can drink the fruit juice, freeze it for ice pops, add it to your favorite smoothie or use it as decoration for a decadent dessert.
  • Sprouting -- Soak sprouting seeds for desired time and hang to dry in the bag. Water twice daily until short tails appear and the seeds are sprouted. The bag is great for sprouting while travelling so tuck it in your suitcase and you're good to go.
  • Juicing -- Blend fresh vegetables and or greens with a bit of water and strain the mixture through the bag. Save the pulp for crackers or soups and drink the juice immediately for the greatest nutritional value.
  • Teas -- Place loose tea in bag and lower into warm water to steep. Removing after desired time and returning the leaves to Mother Earth for amazing compost.
  • Cheese -- Follow your favorite recipe for raw food nut or seed cheeses. After blending, place the cheese mixture in the bag to ferment and hang above a bowl or sink to catch the water (whey). Once fermented mix in herbs and spices and enjoy!
    almond Rawsome Recipe: Cashew Cheese

Hundreds of uses -- send us an idea we haven't heard
and we'll send you a free nut milk bag!

For a few years we have offered a free bag to anyone who reports a new and innovative use for a More Than a Nut Milk Bag. We are getting serious now: if you also provide a photo we can use, we'll give you credit (if you like), use your photo online and, possibly, in the newsletter, and send you TWO free bags.

Here are some of the suggestions we've gotten so far:

  • removing excess water from tomato sauce for raw lasagna
  • hops bag for home brewers making beer (Mike)
  • cold brewing coffee
  • making worm tea (E. Waldman)
  • for an herbal bath (Dickie)
  • lint collector
  • washing lingerie (T. Ravela)
  • straining stock or bone broth
  • making shrimp sauce (S. F. van Hest)
  • straining homemade kefir so the grains can be reused (S. Raya)
  • making orange marmalade (M. Potts)
  • making raspberry jam
  • straining acorns while cold leaching (J. Kearley)

Video Lesson: Making Almond Milk


I love the card that comes with it!

It feels great in my hands.

The milk goes through so fast and strains really well.

I can use it for so many things!

CLICK FOR RAW TOOL INFO: High-quality nylon 10 x 12 inch nut milk and sprouting bags are ideal for any number of straining, juicing or sprouting uses. Fine mesh material minimizes sediment and allows for sprouting of even the smallest of seeds and grains, while bias cut, surge sewn construction ensures durability.
Nut Milk Bag
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Knife Case
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Chef's Hat
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Remember to include your order and your address!
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Rawsome Creations: Tools for Chefs in Living & Raw Foods Kitchens
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